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Florida is Generally Following Statutory Child Support Guidelines; Deviations are Limited, Report No. 17-11, November 2017
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  • OPPAGA found that statutory child support guidelines are generally being followed for the Title IV-D and private cases that we were able to review. Specifically, our review of administrative and Title IV-D judicial cases and private cases found that the guidelines and guideline schedule were used to establish the child support obligation amount.
  • Child support guideline worksheet calculations were generally correct for Title IV-D administrative and private cases. However, the quality and type of data available varied across the Title IV-D and private systems. Specifically, inconsistent and unreliable data made it difficult to confirm the accuracy of guideline calculations for Title IV-D judicial cases. The Department of Revenue may wish to collaborate with the state court system to resolve variation in worksheets used and the interpretation of data elements on the worksheets.
  • Deviations from the guidelines were limited in Title IV-D and private child support cases and when deviations occurred, they were mostly below the guideline amounts. For Title IV-D administrative cases, only 2.6% of cases deviated from guideline calculations. Similarly, the deviation rate for Title IV-D judicial cases was low, at 4.9%. In addition, we found that only 5.5% of cases showed clear evidence of deviating from child support guidelines in private cases.

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