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Lottery Transfers Have Recovered; Options Remain to Enhance Transfers, Report No. 14-06, January 2014
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  • Lottery transfers to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund increased by $103 million in Fiscal Year 2012-13 to $1.424 billion. Adjusted for inflation, these transfers represent a recovery compared to transfers made prior to the beginning of the recession in 2007. To increase sales during 2013, the Lottery continued to launch new products and enhance product distribution.
  • Several additional game and product distribution options are available to increase transfers to education. However, some of these options could represent expanded gambling.
  • The Lottery’s operating expense rate continues to meet legislative performance standards and is the third lowest in the nation. For additional efficiencies, the Legislature could consider removing the prohibition against purchasing lottery vending machines.
  • Increasing the Lottery’s current level of advertising expenditures is not likely to translate into an increase in net revenues, as we estimate that the return to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund for $1.00 of advertising is between $0.29 and $1.60, with a midpoint of $0.94. Although the Lottery appears to have reached a saturation point for its advertising expenditures, major reductions in advertising have the potential to adversely affect transfers to education.

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