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Florida’s Gifted Student Population Grew Faster Than the Overall School Enrollment, Report No. 08-01, January 2008
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  • Although the number of students attending Florida’s public K-12 schools declined in 2006-07, students identified as gifted grew almost 7% to 124,491 full-time students.  The state provided approximately $276 million in funding for gifted students through the Exceptional Student Education program in addition to the basic funding provided for all students.  Districts were unable to identify their expenditures for gifted students.
  • Florida’s school districts identified almost 17,000 new gifted students in 2006-07, including approximately 1,000 students identified through alternative identification provisions which do not require the same minimum IQ for underrepresented groups.  However, this understates the number of gifted students identified under alternative provisions as 19 districts could not report these data.  Districts also reported providing more services for gifted students in 2006-07; the largest increase occurred in gifted consultation services, in which a gifted endorsed specialist works with gifted students and their teachers to ensure the student’s educational needs are met.  However, high school gifted students do not tend to take high school elective courses that are designed for gifted students.  Rather, honors and other advanced courses constitute 46% of their courses.
  • Florida is 1 of only 16 states that classifies gifted programs as part of exceptional student education.  School districts generally believe that funding gifted students through the guaranteed allocation provides stability in funding and planning, although it can result in increased paperwork.  Parents of gifted students report that their children benefit from Exceptional Student Education protections, although some parents report that they did not initially understand these protections. 

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