Our work environment is stimulating

We are an organization in which every analyst's ideas, knowledge, skills, and energy counts. The Legislature depends on us to provide prompt, accurate, well thought-out analyses and recommendations. To meet this expectation, we work collegially to question and build on each others ideas and knowledge.

We work as individuals and in teams. Depending on the size of a project and how quickly we need to respond, we may assign it to one person or a team. Most work is done in teams, where good communication, professional courtesy and respect, and the synergy of information-sharing are important.

We are organized into four policy areas that span the entire breadth of state government. Each analyst has a "home base" in one of four policy areas: Criminal Justice, Education, Government Operations, and Health and Human Services. We work in other policy areas as required by office work load or the need for professional expertise.

We work in the Capitol complex, in downtown Tallahassee. Our office is located across the street from the Capitol and the offices of the House, Senate, and Governor.