Professional Positions

OPPAGA's entry level position is the Legislative Policy Analyst. The analyst will serve as a technical expert conducting research studies, program evaluations and policy analyses of public programs and agencies. Policy analysts are expected to become proficient in conducting program evaluations and policy analyses, demonstrate strong writing and presentation skills, and develop substantive knowledge of Florida state government operations and the legislative process.

The Senior Legislative Analyst performs similar functions at a more advanced level, and requires additional experience as described below.

Critical functions of the analyst include

  • conducting policy research of issues of importance to the Florida Legislature;
  • researching laws and professional literature;
  • interviewing agency and legislative staff;
  • conducting focus groups and other forms of qualitative information gathering;
  • designing and administering surveys;
  • reviewing and analyzing agency records;
  • collecting and analyzing quantitative data in manual and electronic formats, including the use of statistical software as necessary;
  • identifying and drafting policy alternatives;
  • writing grammatically correct and accurate reports that concisely communicate results; and
  • making presentations to legislators and legislative committees.

Desired experiences and skills include

  • experience in designing and executing research to develop a documented basis for policy analyses, program evaluations, management reviews, budget analyses, or similar technical reviews;
  • understanding of principles of governmental organization, budgeting, and accountability;
  • experience as an effective contributor to a work team;
  • experience using word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software, preferably Microsoft versions (WORD, POWERPOINT, and EXCEL); and
  • experience writing for and/or testifying before high-level executives or elected public officials expressing sensitive conclusions and recommendations based upon statistical and financial data.

Knowledge and experience may be demonstrated through graduate-level training and/or previous successful employment such as a legislative budget analyst, legislative or agency program evaluator, management or financial consultant, stock or bond analyst, engineer, or certified public accountant.

Minimum Qualifications

A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and two years of professional experience in research, analysis, program planning and evaluation, or administrative work.

A master's degree with training in policy analysis or research methods, or a doctorate or other professional degree from an accredited college or university can substitute for the required experience. Professional experience as described above can substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required college education.

For the Senior Legislative Analyst, at least five years of professional experience in research, analysis, program planning and evaluation, or administrative work would be required in addition to the master's degree.


Excellent employee benefits package.

Application Deadline

Applications for Legislative Policy Analyst and Senior Legislative Analyst are currently being accepted. For more information on application requirements, click here.