Our work is engaging

Our day to day activities are varied, including . . .

Attending and testifying before legislative committees. The Florida Legislature meets from October to May each year, and analysts regularly attend committee meetings to learn about issues of interest and concern to the members and to testify on our reports.

Conferring with legislators and their staff on issues of concern to them. As we work for the Legislature, an important part of each research project is to confer with the requestor about the issues to be explored and the questions to be answered.

Conducting timely, thoughtful and thorough research on a wide range of topics. We are research specialists who collect data from data systems, on the Internet, and in person.

Investigating how programs work and interviewing agency staff and stakeholders. OPPAGA analysts talk to stakeholders on all sides of an issue, including consumers, agency staff, contractors, and national experts. We are unbiased and independent thinkers who delve into each program to thoroughly understand how it works.

Analyzing complex and varied data using sophisticated methodologies. We analyze qualitative and quantitative data using a variety of techniques to explore factors such as recidivism, the effect of standardized tests in the classroom, the relationship between heath and community care for the aged, and the contribution rate for health insurance.

Providing program evaluation and policy analyses. This work helps the Legislature oversee government operations, develop policy choices, and make Florida government more efficient and effective.