Government Program Summaries

Using Government Program Summaries

What is a GPS summary?

Using Government Program Summaries provide legislators and the public with summaries of state government agencies and programs. Generally, summaries provide the following information about programs:  

  • why Florida provides the program,
  • how the program is funded,
  • current issues facing the program, and
  • references to other sources of program information and assessments.  


How do I navigate in GPS?

GPS is designed to easily guide you to a program summary or a group of summaries based on your interest. There are a variety of ways to search for and identify program summaries. For example, you can identify all programs administered by any state agency, or you can identify all program summaries related to a topic, such as Natural Resources and Environment. You may also try searching our entire site by using the search box on the left side of each GPS page.

Each type of search will return a list of summaries based on your query. From there, you can select the specific summary you wish to review. For most searches, you will be guided to a document that is called the front page of a summary, containing standard information about a program or agency.


Where am I in GPS?

The following diagram shows a typical GPS summary. Navigation links are located on the left side of every summary.  A full text search box is also provided on the left side of every summary, which only searches the GPS website. The summary text resides in the center of each page.

Screenshot of GPS Summary


How do I get more information?

GPS is designed to allow you to collect the amount of detail about a state program that you want. The primary summary about a state program contains standard descriptive information. Also linked to the summary are additional descriptive pages, called back pages, that offer additional detail. Links to specific back pages are found on the front page of some summaries.

Summaries also contain links to sites external to GPS that may be of interest. Most summaries contain a link to the website of the agency that administers the program summary.


How do I print a GPS summary?

GPS summaries may consist of a number of files that are linked together. Click on "Print This Summary" on the left side of the screen to print all of the files in a GPS summary as one continuous document. Then use your browser's "Print" function to print.


How do I communicate with OPPAGA?

OPPAGA is a legislative research unit that reviews state agencies and programs to identify opportunities to improve services and reduce costs of services to Florida's citizens and visitors. While we provide information to help citizens understand their government, we cannot provide personal assistance or intercede on your behalf regarding state government programs or specific personal situations. To help citizens with such problems, we have included in each GPS summary agency contact information where you can go for help with these problems. Please contact the agency directly for assistance.