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Charter Schools Need Improved Academic Accountability and Financial Management, Report No. 99-48, April 2000
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  • Florida’s 113 charter schools serve 18,255 students and provide opportunities for educational innovation and school choice.  Many charter schools serve at-risk and low-income students.  Schools report positive student progress but need stronger accountability—a need shared with other tax-supported organizations.  Two-thirds of charter schools are not subject to Florida’s A+ school accountability system because they serve special student populations that are not addressed by the A+ system.  Further, the academic goals and objectives established in charter schools’ contracts with school districts are often not measurable. 
  • Most charter schools have steady or growing enrollments demonstrating that parents support their continued operation.  However, some have struggled with managing their operations and maintaining enrollment.  These schools need to adopt good business practices to improve their financial condition and viability.
  • To minimize barriers to the creation and continued operation of charter schools, we recommend that the Legislature strengthen the role of charter schools’ governing boards and consider options regarding sponsors and funding.  We also recommend that the Department of Education provide assistance to school districts to improve the academic accountability and management of charter schools.
  • The Commissioner of Education provided a written response to our preliminary report.  In his response he described actions the department is taking to implement our recommendations. 

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