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Review of the Workforce Development System, Report No. 99-34, February 2000
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OPPAGA is required by Ch. 99-251, Laws of Florida, to review Florida's workforce development system, identifying divisions, bureaus, units, programs, duties, commissions, boards, and councils that could be eliminated, consolidated, or privatized. We focused our review on state-level entities and programs involved in providing job training services, workforce education services, and other services intended to help persons attract and retain jobs. We concluded that:
  • Recent federal and state initiatives have already resulted in eliminating, consolidating, or privatizing components of the state’s workforce development system.
  • Despite these changes, additional streamlining of the system is needed. Florida’s current workforce development system is highly fragmented and impeded by having over 270 entities involved in service delivery and planning.
  • At a minimum, incremental streamlining of the system could be achieved through eliminating the WAGES Program State Board and transferring its responsibilities to the Workforce Development Board, and further privatizing services in the Workers' Compensation Reemployment Services Program.
  • The Legislature should also consider two additional options for a more systematic redesign of the workforce development system.
  • The first option would be to establish a Florida Workforce Development Office in the Executive Office of the Governor and make this office responsible for developing and expediting the implementation of a plan for integration.
  • If the Legislature chooses not to implement our first option for improving the workforce development system, the Workforce Development Board should evaluate potential overlap among programs and the Postsecondary Vocational Education Program for further elimination and consolidation.

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