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Department of Children and Families Adult Community Mental Health Proposed Performance Measures for Fiscal Year 2000-01, Report No. 99-22, January 2000
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This report presents OPPAGA's assessment of and recommendations for improving performance measures proposed by the Department of Children and Families for Fiscal Year 2000-2001. OPPAGA recommends the following outcome and output measures for inclusion in Fiscal Year 2000-20001 appropriation legislation:
  • annualized average number of days spent in the community for adults with severe and persistent mental illness;
  • percentage of functioning that individuals changed during the year for adults in mental health crisis;
  • percentage of persons on conditional release who are recommitted for adults with forensic involvement;
  • number served in each target group; and
  • cost per person served for each target group.
OPPAGA recommends additional measures for the department to track internally.

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