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PB2 Performance Report for the Florida Department of Transportation's Programs' Performance for Fiscal Year 1997-98, Report No. 98-60, February 1999
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  • In Fiscal Year 1997-98, the department met essentially all of its work program commitments, maintaining over 80% of the pavement and 90% of bridges on the state highway system at department standards. Highway maintenance standards were met; transit rider ship was up; toll collection activities appear efficient; and the statewide accident fatality rate declined slightly. While still a problem, cost and time overruns on construction projects appear to have leveled off.
  • Although the department is generally meeting production goals, it is not able to measure how successfully these activities contribute to its mission to enhance safety, mobility, economic development, and maintain the environment. In addition, the measures do not work together to give an overall picture of department performance and whether the public is satisfied with its performance. 
  • One difficulty in assessing cost effectiveness of Florida Department of Transportation programs is that the department does not budget by PB² program. This funding structure hinders accountability of program managers and reduces the facility with which the Legislature may assess program efficiency.
  • Decision-makers can generally rely on the department's performance information. The department's reporting and use of performance information and the reliability of data met OPPAGA expectations. However, all six programs need improved performance measures.
  • We provided a draft copy of our six reports to the Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation, who concurred with some exceptions. In some cases we made changes to address the department's concerns. (See Appendix A.)

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