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PB2 Performance Report for the Public Transportation Program, Report No. 98-55, February 1999
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  • The program’s performance measures are not sufficiently developed to enable the Legislature to assess the results of program activities. Most of the current outcome and output measures are affected more by general economic conditions than program activities.
  • The program funded more public transportation projects than in prior years, but committed only 72% of available funds for public transportation capacity improvements. Uncertainty related to the high-speed rail system accounts for a portion of these uncommitted funds. Most of the program’s measures of public transportation system usage showed moderate growth over prior years.
  • The program's accountability system meets OPPAGA's expectations in three of the four areas (program purpose or goals, data reliability and reporting of information and its use by management). However, the program's performance measures need modification to better assess progress toward meeting program's objectives such as expanding capacity and increasing mobility. The program’s output measures also need to be more directly linked to measures of program results and the Agency Strategic Plan.
  • We provided a draft copy of our report to the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, who concurred with our recommendations.

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