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PB2 Performance Report for the Safety & Workers' Compensation Program, Report No. 98-48, February 1999
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  • The Safety and Workers’ Compensation Program’s Fiscal Year 1997-98 performance measures do not provide a comprehensive assessment of program performance due to problems with measure validity and reliability of reported data. The limited number of measures that can be used to assess the program's performance generally showed increased program workload and lower program effectiveness from the prior year.
  • The program performance accountability system needs improvement to more completely report program performance to the Legislature and public. For example, the program performance measures lack cost measures to report on program efficiency efforts.
  • Although the department’s proposed Fiscal Year 1999-2000 Legislative Budget Request provides improved performance measures, further changes are needed. For example, some performance measures have data timeliness problems and some performance standards proposed by the department for this year appear to need adjustment upward based on past performance information. While most of the measures represent major program activities, one activity is over-represented relative to its resources.
  • The Secretary of DLES generally agreed with OPPAGA’s recommendations. However the Secretary did not agree to delete as an output measure "number of services provided (hazard identification, safety program assistance and training)" or to delete the outcome measure "percentage of injured workers returning to work at 80% or more of previous average quarterly wage for at least one quarter of the year following injury."

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