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PB2 Performance Report for the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health (ADM) Program, Report No. 98-43, January 1999
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  • Past Performance, Fiscal Year 1997-98. Because of questions about data reliability and performance standards, the Legislature should not use the approved PB² measures to assess the performance of the Children's Mental Health (CMH) sub-program for the 1997-98 fiscal year. These questions relate to the accuracy of the data. The performance standards were based on an insufficient sample of the target client populations and subsequent increases were not related to reliable performance criteria. Although changes have been implemented to improve data reliability, the impact of these changes has not been assessed. (See Appendix A for further discussion.)
  • Proposed Performance Measures, Fiscal Year 1999-2000. We suggest further refinements and additions of performance measures to develop a more comprehensive accountability system. While the existing measures are good indicators of the program's performance in general, they need to be modified. For example, the sub-program needs to increase the response rate of surveys of family satisfaction with services and include the measurement of the change in clients' functioning while receiving services. Also, new measures should include a method for assessing whether clients live in the least restrictive setting and the reason for clients' discharge from treatment. Further, we recommend that the department include an output measure that links costs of services to clients served. (See Appendix B for more detailed discussion.)
  • Rating of Program Accountability. The sub-program's accountability system needs to be improved. It needs some modification in its definition of program purpose, performance measures, and use of performance data by management. The sub-program needs major modification in its efforts to ensure data reliability.

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