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PB2 Performance Report for the Highway Patrol Program, Report No. 98-41, January 1999
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  • FHP's Fiscal Year 1997-98 performance was mixed. Alcohol-related and overall death rates were down. However, the number of crashes FHP worked was higher and fewer Floridians used safety belts than expected.
  • The program needs additional outcome measures to enable its performance measures to more fully reflect program effectiveness. In addition, we recommend modifying several measures to address activity on roads primarily patrolled by the FHP: interstates, turnpikes, toll roads, and state roads.
  • FHP's accountability system met OPPAGA's expectations in three of four areas (program purpose and goals, data eligibility, and reporting information and use by management)
  • The program's performance measures need to be revised to specifically assess FHP performance; currently they include data from local law enforcement agencies and information on roads not patrolled by the FHP. In addition, many of the measures provide information on how many hours FHP spends on rendering public services, but do not provide any indication of the efficiency of those services.
  • The Executive Director of the Florida Highway Patrol generally disagreed with our recommendations that measures be confined to only those roads for which the FHP has primary responsibility. For   our other recommendations, the FHP plans to seek input and consultation from outside sources. (See Appendix C.)

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