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Program Evaluation & Justification Review Retirement Program Administered by the Division of Retirement, Report No. 97-75, April 1997
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  • The Retirement Program should be continued. Not offering a pension to employees would put state, school district, county, and many other local government employers at a competitive disadvantage in attracting and retaining employees.
  • Privatizing the program is not currently viable. Private sector firms providing retirement plan administration services are geared toward handling smaller and less complex pension plans that the Florida Retirement System.
  • The program has performed well in administering statewide retirement systems. The program has achieved high levels of customer satisfaction with its services and has efficiently used its resources in comparison to similarly sized state retirement systems. However, its effectiveness in overseeing local government pension plans not part of the Florida Retirement System has been limited due to an untimely process for reviewing the local plans' actuarial documents. Program staff could improve their performance in overseeing local plans by using risk-based criteria and sampling methods to select actuarial documents for review by the program's actuary.

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