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Follow-up Report on the Aftercare Program Administered by the Department of Juvenile Justice, Report No. 97-10, October 1997
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  • The Legislature has directed the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board to conduct a study of Aftercare, due December 1998. The study will address many of the issues raised in our report, including identifying which aftercare models are most effective.
  • The Department should include in this study short tune-up programs for youth who do not comply with aftercare rules to determine if these programs are a cost-effective deterrent to crime.
  • The Department is requesting funding for 50 transitional independent living beds for aftercare youth who cannot return home. At $75 per day, the annual cost of these beds will be approximately $1.4 million. If funded, these beds should enhance public safety by providing assistance to youth coming out of commitment who have no viable place to go.

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