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Improving Student Performance in High-Poverty Schools, Report No. 96-86, June 1997
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  • Schools serving a large percentage of children from low-income families have significantly lower student test scores than schools serving a small percentage of these students. Although high-poverty schools receive more resources per student, they face greater challenges to improving student performance. These challenges include high student mobility, absenteeism, and disciplinary problems.
  • A critical step to improving student academic performance in high-poverty schools is implementing high expectations for all students. Some high-poverty schools in Florida have increased student performance by setting high expectations for their students. However, other high-poverty schools in Florida have been less successful in setting high expectations for student performance.
  • Due to limitations of available time, financial resources, and educational skills, low-income parents often have difficulty becoming active partners in their children's education. Although some high-poverty schools have implemented strategies to involve parents, limited parental involvement is still a major obstacle to improved student performance.
  • School principals who exhibit strong leadership behaviors and consistently focus on improving student performance can make a difference in the performance of high-poverty schools. While some Florida school districts have taken the initiative in considering student performance in their evaluation of principals, there is currently no legislative requirement that district school boards do so.

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