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Policy Review of Inmate Idleness Reduction Activities Administered by the Department of Corrections , Report No. 95-27, January 1996

  • Due to the limited availability of full-time work and self-improvement program assignments, many inmates within the Department of Corrections are not kept busy for even 30 hours per week. As of September 12, 1995, the Department had the capacity to provide full-time work assignments to only 61% of the inmates available to work.
  • To keep available inmates busy at least 30 hours per week in work or structured program assignments would require the Department to identify and establish an additional 12,000 full-time assignments.
  • The primary obstacle to Department efforts to provide additional work and self- improvement opportunities for inmates is funding. Other impediments include physical space limitations, security constraints, and statutory limitations on the types of programs that can be implemented and the types of inmates that can be assigned to work outside the perimeter of the institution.
  • Strategies that could be used to further reduce inmate idleness would be expanding the use of armed work squads; revising current law to encourage the expansion of prison industries; increasing efforts to recruit businesses to establish work programs; creating "non-work" or "make-work" alternatives; expanding academic, vocational, and substance abuse programs; and expanding efforts to recruit volunteers for evening and weekend activities.

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