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Follow-up Review of Medicaid Managed Care Administered by the Agency for Health Care Administration , Report No. 94-47, April 1995

  • In fiscal year 1993-94, the statewide average prepaid health plan (PHP) fee established by the Agency for AFDC clients was lower than average fee-for-service costs. However, the lower PHP fees may not be resulting in cost-savings if favorable selection is occurring. Favorable selection occurs when the clients who enroll and remain in PHPs are, on average, healthier than fee-for-service clients.
  • When favorable selection occurs, fee-for-service clients will, on average, use more medical services than healthier clients in PHPs. This will increase Medicaid's average cost of serving fee-for-service clients. Since Medicaid PHP fees are based on average fee-for-service costs, the state could pay more for PHP clients than it would have paid if the clients were served on a fee-for-service basis. According to a General Accounting Office study published in September 1994, PHPs serving Medicare clients have benefited from favorable selection. As a result, researchers estimated that payments to Medicare PHPs were approximately 6% to 28% higher than the cost of serving those same clients on a fee-for-service basis.
  • In Florida, Medicaid fee-for-service utilization data and PHP enrollment data indicate that favorable selection could be occurring in some counties.

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