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Performance Audit of the Division of Forestry Within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Report No. 94-11, October 1994
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  • The Division of Forestry is authorized to assess fees for its services. However, it provides many services for free and the fees it collects for other activities do not recover its costs. As a result, general revenue provides 82% of its funding. The Division's need for annual general revenue funding is projected to increase by about $2 million due to conservation policies that have lowered its timber sale revenues.
  • There are several options for reducing the Division's need for general revenue funding. These include (1) establishing fees for some recreational services that the Division currently provides free of charge; (2) increasing the county fire protection assessment to the level charged by other southeastern states; (3) resolving the operating deficit at the seedling nursery by expanding production or eliminating this activity; (4) charging fees for certain technical assistance services and increasing the local government cost-share requirement for urban and county forestry services; and (5) increasing the fees charged to outside groups that use the Division's forestry training center, privatizing these facilities, or eliminating the centers. These actions could reduce the Division's need for general revenue funding by about $2.7 million annually.

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