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A Review of Workloads of Selected Child Care Licensure Programs Administered by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services , Report No. 12247, February 1994

  • The efficiency of the licensure process can be improved. The Department's central office and district licensure administrators should work together to develop procedures to reduce the time licensure staff spend on activities such as clerical work and preparing and reviewing licensure studies. The Department should also consider the feasibility of implementing other licensure staff suggestions to increase efficiency, including streamlining licensure forms and procedures and eliminating or reducing some minimum licensure requirements.
  • The Department has a reasonable method for determining the staffing needs of its existing licensure programs, but does not routinely collect information on the average time staff spend on each program or on the various licensure activities within each program. Consequently, when the Department receives requests for such information, it cannot accurately respond in a timely manner.
  • The median number of hours licensure staff take to license homes and facilities varies depending on the type of program and whether the home or facility is being licensed for the first time or relicensed. The licensure of new foster homes takes the most time, requiring a median of approximately 47 hours, followed by new child caring agencies at approximately 41 hours. Licensure of new child day care facilities takes a median of approximately 22 hours, while new family day care homes takes a median of approximately 11 hours. With the exception of child day care facilities, relicensure generally takes less time than initial licensure. The time taken to license homes and facilities also varies by district.
  • In addition to routine licensure activities, licensure counselors spend time processing complaints and taking enforcement actions.

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