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Performance Audit of the Prison Industries Program Administered by Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. , Report No. 12228, January 1994

  • In fiscal year 1991-92, sales of PRIDE's products and services declined for the first time in PRIDE's history, thereby impeding PRIDE's ability to work more inmates and diminishing PRIDE's effectiveness at reducing inmate idleness. Unless PRIDE's sales increase substantially in the future, PRIDE will play a diminished role in reducing inmate idleness within a growing prison system. We identified two primary impediments to PRIDE's ability to develop new industries. First, PRIDE's guidelines prohibit its expansion into industries where Florida-based businesses already exist. Second, PRIDE needs to have sufficient capital to fund expansion into a new industry.
  • Available data from PRIDE indicate that PRIDE's training and post-release job placement efforts have benefited a number of PRIDE inmate workers. However, we could not definitively conclude that PRIDE had made a positive impact on reducing recommitment rates since. PRIDE has not tracked the recommitment data for a sufficient time to provide reliable information; PRIDE does not collect specific data that could provide better information on the impact of its training efforts on obtaining post-release job placement and reducing recommitment; and PRIDE recommitment data does not include comparison populations.
  • PRIDE annual reports contain insufficient information to enable the Legislature to evaluate PRIDE's performance in meeting its statutory missions.

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