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Performance Audit of the Inmate Classification Program Administered by the Department of Corrections , Report No. 12143, July 1993

  • The Department has not always followed its rules regarding the timeliness and staffing ofinmate progress reviews, and many inmates are released from prison prior to havingreceived a progress review. By not conducting progress reviews, the Department is notmonitoring its efforts to achieve goals established for inmates. Furthermore, if progressreviews are not held in a timely manner, inmates may not be reassigned to more appropriatework or program assignments.
  • Although the Computer Assisted Classification Program (CACP) was implemented in 1987,institutional classification staff were not routinely using the CACP to make decisionsabout inmates' placement in rehabilitative programs. Furthermore, CACP informationregarding available institutional rehabilitative programs, inmate's rehabilitative needs,inmate's previous and current program involvement, and rehabilitative program waitinglists was often inaccurate. Central Office staff also have not used the CACP to obtaininformation regarding inmate needs and program placement.
  • The lack of use of the CACP has had three adverse effects. First, information on theprogress review report regarding rehabilitative program recommendations on participationmay be incorrect. Second, rehabilitative assignments are not based upon the prioritiesidentified within the CACP. Third, the Department does not have statewide information onidentified rehabilitative needs or program participation that can be used for planning andevaluation purposes.

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