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Florida’s Nursing Education Programs Continued to Expand in 2011 with Significant Increases in Student Enrollment and Graduates, Report No. 12-04, January 2012
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Report No. 12-07, Supplemental Report: Florida Nursing Education Programs 2010-11

To address the nursing shortage in Florida, the 2009 Legislature modified how the Board of Nursing oversees nursing education programs. The intent of the modifications was to increase the number of nursing programs and qualified nurses in Florida. Since the legislation took effect in July 2009,
  • the Board of Nursing has approved 111 new nursing education programs, which has increased the total number of programs by 67%;
  • the number of nursing student seats has increased by 47%;
  • enrollment in nursing programs has increased by 40%, with the greatest increase occurring in associate degree programs;
  • nursing program retention rates have gradually increased; and
  • the number of students graduating from nursing programs has increased by 14%.
  • However, not enough time has elapsed to fully evaluate the effects of the new law on nursing licensure exam passage rates or employment outcomes of nursing program graduates.

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