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Many Florida Programs Enhance Students’ Career and College Readiness, Report No. 10-56, October 2010
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  • Florida, like other states and the federal government, has implemented many programs and initiatives to enhance high school graduates’ career and college readiness. These programs serve children from birth through high school graduation.
  • The Legislature could consider several options to further enhance students’ career and college readiness and to evaluate whether current programs are successful and providing an appropriate return on the state’s investment. The Legislature may also wish to consider whether developing a user-friendly, one-stop website that provides information about public school performance and public and private school options would help parents in choosing appropriate schools for their children. Such information could help parents evaluate the school choices available to them and make the best decisions about the schools their children will attend.

Which Government Program Summaries contain related information?

Career Education
Certification and Professional Development
Public Schools (K-12 Education)
Acceleration Programs
Vocational Rehabilitation
Early Learning Programs
Choice Scholarship Programs
Virtual Education
School Improvement, Assessment, and Accountability
School District Workforce Education
Adult General Education
School District Certificate Programs
Exceptional Student Education
School Improvement, Assessment, and Accountability
Developmental Education
Charter Schools

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