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University Implementation and State Oversight of Common Program Prerequisites Has Improved, Report No. 10-43, May 2010
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Since our 2008 report, the Board of Governors and Department of Education have reviewed and revised the common program prerequisites and universities are more consistently complying with the revised prerequisites. The Department of Education has taken steps to improve oversight of the common prerequisites policy by monitoring college student transfer problems and has worked with the Florida colleges to help ensure that students complete prerequisites before transferring to universities. The Board of Governors also has taken steps to improve its communication with state universities about the common prerequisites and has strengthened its oversight of the policy. These changes should help facilitate the transfer of Florida college students to upper division programs at universities.

What were our earlier findings?

Report No. 08-11 Inconsistent Implementation of Common Prerequisites Creates Barriers to Effective 2+2 Articulation,published in March 2008.

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