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Department of Corrections Should Maximize Use of Best Practices in Inmate Rehabilitation Efforts, Report No. 09-44, December 2009
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  • The department is following many, but not all, best practices for inmate rehabilitative programs. The department is implementing a new research-based instrument to better target rehabilitative services to inmates with the highest risk of reoffending following release. The department also is providing rehabilitative programs that address most inmate criminogenic needs (i.e., attributes directly linked to recidivism). However, it provides limited therapy to address criminal thinking. The department is planning to restructure the 100-hour transition course that inmates must take before they leave prison to include coursework on changing criminal thinking.
  • The department’s inmate release planning efforts address most transition needs, but do not meet best practices in one key area—providing inmates with valid state identification upon release, the lack of which can hinder their ability to obtain employment and services that can help reduce their risks of reoffending.
  • The department collects inmate-specific data and has conducted several reviews of its rehabilitative programs over the last 10 years. However, it does not routinely measure the effectiveness of these programs.

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