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Medical Education Funding Is Complex; Better Expenditure Data Is Needed, Report No. 08-36, June 2008
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  • During the 2007 regular legislative session, the University of Florida and the University of South Florida raised, as part of a budget request, the issue of parity in state funding among the current and proposed public colleges of medicine. The parity request was based on State University System (SUS) expenditure data.  While the use of official SUS expenditure data is a reasonable starting point, we found that the data reflects inconsistent reporting practices across universities and lacks sufficient detail to determine the costs of the state’s colleges of medicine.  Insufficient information on current spending and funding by the colleges of medicine including all revenue sources limits the state’s ability to assess funding parity across institutions
  • In addition, few states have funding models that specifically address medical education programs, and those few states with models use them for different functions in the state budgeting process.  Ohio is the only state in which the state legislature uses a formula to appropriate funding directly to multiple public colleges of medicine.
  • Finally, patient care provided by medical schools, known as faculty practice plans, has historically provided funding to help support medical education programs.  However, changes in the healthcare industry may lessen the ability of these plans to provide this support in the future. 

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