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Department of Children and Families Has Strengthened Its Contract Oversight System, Report No. 08-32, May 2008
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In response to our 2006 report, the Department of Children and Families has strengthened its accountability system to better identify and resolve vendor compliance problems. Department contract monitoring reports now provide more information to help contract managers and vendors develop corrective action plans. In addition, the department has enhanced its contract reporting data system to enable staff to better track and analyze vendor noncompliance and monitor whether vendors have completed required tasks to correct deficiencies. The department also has established a procedures manual and training program for contract monitoring staff and their supervisors. While these steps have improved the department’s vendor accountability system, it is too early to determine their impact in reducing vendor noncompliance with contract requirements. Future OPPAGA studies will continue to assess the department’s outcomes in this area.

What were our earlier findings?

Report No. 06-72 Further Contracting Enhancements Would Help DCF Correct Vendor Noncompliance, published in December 2006.

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