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Pilot to Outsource CBC Program Oversight Encountered Setbacks; Effectiveness Unknown, Report No. 08-09, February 2008
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  • Due to a variety of problems, implementation of the pilot project to outsource oversight of two child welfare lead agencies has been substantially delayed.  The outsourced program monitoring provider, Chapin Hall, used the Department of Children and Families’ quality assurance system.  Problems with the quality assurance system hindered the provider’s ability to successfully implement program oversight.  Chapin Hall’s success was also negatively affected because the pilot lead agencies disagreed with the findings in one of its monitoring reports.
  • The department has since worked with Chapin Hall to modify its quality assurance methodology to produce useful monitoring results.  However, due to setbacks a lapse of almost two years occurred in state quality assurance reviews for the pilot lead agencies.  As a result, the effectiveness of outsourcing department program oversight is unknown at this time.
  • Chapin Hall is helping the department and lead agencies evaluate performance and track outcomes for children over time.  The pilot project shows promise in developing more meaningful performance measures for lead agencies, but Chapin Hall is still in the process of evaluating lead agency data as an interim step toward producing a final set of measures.

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