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Additional Strategies Would Help Address the Barriers to Successful Adoptions, Report No. 08-06, January 2008
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  • Barriers to successful adoptive placements include finding families who want to adopt children with special needs, a lack of information about the children available for adoption, potential parents’ confusion and frustration in navigating the adoption process, a lack of post-adoption services, and the unwillingness of relatives to disrupt a biological family. 
  • Lead agencies, their subcontractors, and the department use various strategies to address these barriers.  They use multiple strategies for recruiting adoptive parents, matching adoptive families with available children, and helping ensure post-adoption permanency.  The department has developed initiatives to assist lead agencies in recruiting adoptive families and finding placements for children.   
  • To better ensure successful adoption placements, the department and lead agencies should improve potential adoptive families’ access to information, address frustrations and make the process less cumbersome, change policies and practices, and establish lead agency positions to help manage post-adoption services.

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