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Steps Taken to Improve Charter School Financial Management and Performance Accountability; Additional Action Needed, Report No. 08-04, January 2008
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  • Since our 2005 reports, the Legislature has taken action to improve the financial condition of the state’s charter schools.  The 2006 Legislature amended Florida law to clarify the Department of Education’s role in providing technical support to school districts and charter school operators.  This legislation also included charter schools as entities subject to provisions governing financial emergencies, and required charter school auditors to notify each member of the school’s governing body when certain deteriorating financial conditions exist. 
  • In addition, the Department of Education has implemented several of our recommendations to improve charter schools operations.  For instance, the department has provided training and technical assistance to new charter school operators to help them in areas such as planning, budgeting, managing, and financial reporting. 
  • However, additional steps would further improve charter school financial management and performance.  These include strengthening reporting and technical assistance requirements for charter schools experiencing financial emergencies, developing financial monitoring system to identify and assist financially struggling charter schools earlier, and requiring that charter school applicants receive training and technical assistance during the application process.
  • The Legislature may also wish to consider clarifying conflict of interest prohibitions for charter schools. 

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