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Career Academy Students Perform Better Than Other Students During High School; Later Outcomes Vary, Report No. 07-40, October 2007
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  • Due to reporting limitations, performance data is available for only half of Florida’s high school career academies.  However, the performance of those Florida students that can be measured is consistent with national research.  As in other states, Florida’s career academy students outperform similar students while in high school, but exhibit few differences after graduation.  During high school, Florida career academy students are less likely to be chronically absent, more likely to score at grade level on math and reading FCAT tests, and more likely to graduate than similar students who did not attend career academies. 
  • The overall post-graduation outcomes of career academy students resemble those of similar traditional high school students.  However, these outcomes vary among different types of career academies.  Students who study at career academies focused on law and health are more likely than other students to attend college.  Among high school graduates who do not attend college, career academy students who chose career areas culminating in industry certification earn higher wages than other students. 

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