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Half of College Students Needing Remediation Drop Out; Remediation Completers Do Almost as Well as Other Students, Report No. 07-31, May 2007
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  • Over half (55%) of all students entering Florida’s public postsecondary institutions require remediation in mathematics, reading, and/or writing.  Ninety-four percent of students who need remediation attend community colleges.  These students are required to complete college preparatory programs before enrolling in college-level classes.  However, only 52% of these students subsequently complete their college preparatory programs, taking an average of two years to do so.  Those students who fail to complete college preparation within two years are very likely to discontinue their education rather than pursue other alternatives such as career/workforce training.  Students who receive low scores on college readiness tests or who require remediation in multiple areas are particularly at risk of dropping out.  
  • Students who do successfully complete college preparatory programs perform almost as well as other students in college credit foundation courses in the areas in which they received remediation.  In addition, students completing college preparatory programs earn associates degrees at similar rates to other students, when the time needed to complete college preparatory courses is taken into consideration. 
  • The state’s community colleges have implemented strategies to improve the academic success of students needing remediation.  However, they may be able to increase the academic success of these students by incorporating more of these practices into their college preparatory programs.

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