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Higher Priority Should Be Given to Transition Services to Reduce Inmate Recidivism, Report No. 07-17, February 2007
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Transition services act as a bridge between incarceration and life in the community for newly released offenders. In the absence of meaningful transition services, offenders may return to illegal activities and prison. As a proactive cost avoidance measure, priority should be given to transition services as part of an overall strategy to reduce inmate recidivism.

The department’s current transition services have several key limitations.

  • While release planning addresses some inmate transition needs, key components are missing.
  • The department’s reliance on inmate self-study and high facilitator turnover and lapses in services can compromise transition preparation course effectiveness.
  • Work release is limited; expanding it would produce cost savings and may reduce recidivism, but increases the risk to the public.
  • Faith-based transitional housing beds are underutilized.
  • The department lacks transitional housing beds for sex offenders.

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