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Some Inmate Family Visitation Practices Are Not Meeting the Legislature’s Intent, Report No. 07-16, February 2007
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National studies have shown that inmates with continued family contact while in prison have lower recidivism rates. Florida law sets forth requirements for the Department of Corrections to facilitate frequent and quality contact between inmates and their families. The department has recently taken steps to strengthen inmate family contact by reducing its telephone commissions and inmate phone rates. However, other weaknesses remain:
  • information about visiting regulations and dress codes is poorly defined and rules are inconsistently enforced;
  • inconsistent efforts are made to manage the time of visiting children and youth; and
  • insufficient statewide oversight is exercised over family visitation.

Conditions are similar at Florida’s private prisons, which provide only half the visitation opportunities of public prisons and charge families more for inmate phone service.

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