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Third Grade Retention Policy Leading to Better Student Performance Statewide, Report No. 06-66, October 2006
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  • This report evaluates the FCAT performance of students affected by Florida’s third grade retention policy during the 2002-03 and 2003-04 school years and follows their performance through the 2004-05 school year.
  • The retention policy increased the number of students who repeat third grade after scoring at level 1 on the FCAT.  However, the subsequent performance of these students also has improved.  Sixty-two percent of the students who repeated third grade because they scored at level 1 on the FCAT subsequently improved their performance to level 2 or above.  About two-thirds of these students maintained their improved performance into fourth grade.
  • Many students scoring at level 1 are promoted for one of six statutorily defined “good cause” exemptions.  The subsequent performance of these students is generally lower than that of retained level 1 students.
  • Department of Education data is not sufficient to determine the basis or timing for all level 1 promotions to fourth grade.  However, the data quality improved from the first to the second year of the policy.  The department is addressing some of the remaining problems and OPPAGA provides additional recommendations in this report. 
  • The effectiveness of school responses to the policy varied. Schools that were more successful at improving the performance of third grade repeaters appeared to set higher academic expectations for all students and show stronger instructional leadership.

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