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Progress Report: School Readiness Guidance and Communication Improve; Fiscal Issues, Evaluation Need Attention, Report No. 06-60, August 2006
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Reviews of School Districts

School Readiness Overview

  • The Agency for Workforce Innovation has improved guidance and technical assistance to the early learning coalitions as well as communication on program requirements and expectations.  As a result, coalition executive directors indicate that their satisfaction with the agency’s information and services has increased. 
  • The agency should continue to take steps to fully address other issues identified in our previous reports.  For instance, although the agency has taken some steps to resolve fiscal issues, it should take additional measures to help strengthen the financial condition of coalitions, including making changes to its payment process and addressing reasons why some coalitions continue to experience year-end deficits.  In addition, the agency has worked with the Florida Department of Education on a new kindergarten uniform screening instrument to be administered in September 2006, but it has made little progress toward conducting the longitudinal analysis of program outcomes.

What were our earlier findings?

Report No. 04-06 Program Review:  School Readiness Program’s Potential Is Beginning to Be Realized, But Is Hindered by Partnership Guidance Issues, published in January 2004.
Report No. 03-75 Information Brief: School Readiness Coalitions’ Progress Varies in Implementing the Program Over Two Years, published in December 2003.

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