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Additional Improvements Are Needed as DCF Redesigns Its Lead Agency Oversight Systems, Report No. 06-05, January 2006
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To address problems in its system for monitoring child welfare lead agencies, the department is proposing to redesign many of its oversight processes. While some of these changes are promising, additional steps will be needed to resolve critical weaknesses in the department’s oversight of community-based lead agencies and the subcontractors that provide direct child protective services. Specifically, the department needs to
  • establish a strong training program for its contract monitoring staff;
  • successfully implement the long-delayed HomeSafenet information system and a lead agency viability monitoring system;
  • develop additional ways to ensure that lead agencies comply with contract provisions;
  • develop a certification process to ensure that lead agencies are willing and have the capability to assume additional quality assurance responsibilities; and
  • provide additional written guidance and training to department zone and lead agency quality assurance staff to assist with the planned transfer of additional quality assurance responsibilities to lead agencies.

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