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Disabilities Groups Should Improve Coordination, But Duplication of Activities Appears to Be Low, Report No. 05-39, July 2005
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  • Florida has many statewide entities that address the interests of persons with disabilities.  These entities provide indirect services to persons with disabilities, such as reviewing, investigating, and monitoring the services that are provided by state programs; supporting legislation, programs, and policies; providing legal assistance to program clients; and promoting public awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities.  Sixteen of these entities received $5.9 million in state funding in Fiscal Year 2003-04. 
  • Although the missions of some of the entities are similar, duplication of activities among the entities appears to be low.  Some coordination among the entities is occurring, but efforts to improve coordination are impeded by the large number of entities providing indirect services and a lack of awareness of specific disabilities.  To improve coordination, this report provides a directory of the groups.

Which Government Program Summaries contain related information?

Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Disability Determination
Medicaid Health Care Services
Vocational Rehabilitation
Blind Services
Mental Health Services
Children's Medical Services (CMS)
Adult Services

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