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Locals Find State Urban Revitalization Programs Useful; More Centralized Program Information Would Be Helpful, Report No. 05-32, May 2005
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  • Redevelopment of distressed urban communities is primarily a local government responsibility.  Local governments use the state’s redevelopment programs in conjunction with other federal and local programs to help package deals for revitalizing distressed urban communities.  While Florida’s programs do not directly provide a large amount of funds, they are viewed as being useful in helping leverage other funding support and in demonstrating government commitment to revitalization.  Florida’s programs also are viewed as being useful in helping local governments get community and private sector buy-in on revitalization projects.
  • However, state program fragmentation hinders local government officials in accessing current and comprehensive information about state programs and resources.  The Office of Trade, Tourism, and Economic Development (OTTED) should work with other state entities to enhance its Florida Resource Directory website to provide more complete and up-to-date information on state programs and resources.  The website also should be modified to incorporate an electronic mailing list that local officials could use to request information and assistance.  OTTED also should enter into agreements with other state entities to market this website, as few local government representatives are aware of it.

Which Government Program Summaries contain related information?

Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development
Historical Resources
Enterprise Florida, Inc.
Community Planning
Department of Economic Opportunity
Office of Urban Opportunity (Front Porch Initiative)

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