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Progress Report: Florida Lottery Makes Progress by Implementing Many Justification Review Recommendations, Report No. 04-01, January 2004
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  • As recommended in our 2002 report, the Legislature amended the law to increase prize payouts for scratch-off games in order to maximize transfers to education.  The Florida Lottery launched new scratch-off games using this flexibility, resulting in an additional $27 million transferred to the Education Enhancement Trust Fund in 2002-03.  The Legislature also increased the bond requirement for filing bid protests, and the Lottery hired a consultant to review its procurement procedures, which contributed to the successful letting of the Florida Lottery’s latest on-line vendor contract.  The 2003 Legislature reduced the Florida Lottery appropriation by $1.6 million for 2003-04, based on our estimates of annual savings from centralizing prize redemption functions. 
  • The Florida Lottery implemented our recommendations to develop a long-term plan for revenue growth and enhance the existing on-line games.  The Florida Lottery is also in the process of implementing our recommendations to outsource field support operations, reduce the amount of leased office space, and is conducting a pilot study on centralizing prize redemption functions.

What were our earlier findings?

Report No. 02-11 Justification Review: Sale of Lottery Products Program, Department of the Lottery, published in  February 2002.

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