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PRIDE Benefits the State but Needs to Improve Transparency in Operations, Report No. 03-68, December 2003
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  • PRIDE programs enhance prison security and increase opportunities for inmates to find gainful employment upon release.  However, PRIDE sales have fallen over the past five years, as has the number of inmates it employs.  A number of factors contributed to this decline in sales, including reduced state spending, privatization, and private sector concerns about using products manufactured by inmate labor. 
  • PRIDE’s new structure provides cost savings, flexibility, and liability protection.  However, PRIDE has done a poor job of explaining its corporate restructuring.  As a result, concerns have arisen that have hurt PRIDE’s business development. 
  • PRIDE should incorporate greater detail in its contract to clarify its relationship with, Industries Training Corporation, an affiliate, and develop a repayment schedule for the $8.7 million it has loaned the company.  To protect its resources, PRIDE should also increase internal risk assessment. 
  • The Legislature should revise s. 946.504, Florida Statutes, to specify the state’s interest in property transferred to, acquired by, and transferred by PRIDE and its associated corporations.

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