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Progress Report: Changes to Medicaid Preferred Drug List Requirements and Competitive Bidding Pharmacy Contracts Could Save an Additional $86.6 Million in 2003-04, Report No. 03-27, April 2003
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  • As recommended in our 2001 report, the Legislature directed the Agency for Health Care Administration to establish a mandatory preferred drug list and to negotiate supplemental rebates.  During 2001-02, the agency developed procedures for and phased in a Medicaid preferred drug list.  However, the agency has not implemented our recommendation to competitively bid for pharmacy services.
  • Based on our analysis of the 50 most expensive therapeutic categories, the preferred drug list saved Florida $81 million in 2001-02 in combined state and federal funds.  The highest percentage of savings came from drug classes containing only drugs in which manufacturers gave supplemental cash rebates.  The Legislature could save an additional $64.2 million in 2003-04 by restricting supplemental rebates to only cash rebates. 
  • We continue to recommend that the agency competitively bid pharmacy networks, which would save an estimated $22.4 million in 2003-04 as well as make it easier to monitor and control pharmacy error, abuse, and fraud.

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