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Division of Administrative Hearings Method of Assessing Fees Needs Significant Revision, Report No. 02-70, December 2002
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  • The Division of Administrative Hearings method for assessing fees is expedient but does not accurately charge state agencies for their use of services.  The division tracks whether cases meet deadlines but not how much time its employees spend on individual state agency cases.  The division uses a proxy (scheduled hearing hours) as the basis of assessments, which provides agencies with no accountability for the actual time spent on their workload. The assessment method also passes on costs to state agencies for services provided to other entities.
  • The division should change its system for charging state agencies by tracking the time administrative law judges actually spend on cases and using this information when prorating its budget among state agencies.  The division also should bill other entities at rates that cover its costs.
  • The Legislature should authorize the Division of Administrative Hearings to charge for all hearing services and require the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Program to fund the program’s share of the division’s indirect administration and support costs.
  • Implementing these changes would reduce state agency costs to support the division by an estimated $1.3 million annually, of which $199,000 would be general revenue. 

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