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While State Board of Administration Investments Perform Relatively Well, the SBA Should Reassess Planned Expansion of Alternative Investments, Report No. 02-37, June 2002
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  • The Florida State Board of Administration’s (SBA) overall performance in investing Florida Retirement System assets exceeded its objective over long-term periods covering the last 20 years.  However, it did not meet its investment objective in Fiscal Year 2000‑01, primarily as a result of declines in the domestic and international stock markets.  Its allocation of assets to various asset classes was within the ranges established in its long-term investment plan.
  • The investment returns for most of the SBA’s asset classes (domestic and international equities, fixed income, cash equivalents) exceeded or were close to their performance benchmarks.  However, the alternative investment asset class, which consists of private equity portfolios and a venture capital portfolio, significantly under-performed its benchmark.  Due to concerns regarding lower than expected performance and high management costs, the SBA should reassess its plan to expand the use of alternative investments in the future.
  • The SBA experienced a realized loss of $281 million due to investments in Enron stock by one external active style domestic equity investment manager, Alliance Capital.  It recently selected law firms to represent it in litigation against this company.  The Florida Attorney General’s Office is also investigating Alliance Capital and its investment decisions relating to investing in Enron stock.  It is OPPAGA’s general policy to not directly comment on or make recommendations regarding matters that are subject to civil litigation or active criminal investigations.  However, we will report on the outcome of these actions in future reports.

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