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Improved State Vehicle Management Could Save Florida up to $2.4 Million Annually, Report No. 02-31, May 2002
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  • Because agency heads may waive the minimum mileage requirement, some state vehicles are driven substantially less than 10,000 miles per year.  The state lacks an adequate policy defining criteria for agency head waivers.
  • Of assigned vehicles used for commuting, 395 or 26% were used primarily for transporting employees to and from work.  The Legislature should develop a policy restricting commuting in state vehicles.  Requiring employees to reimburse the state for commuting in state vehicles would generate from $39,300 to $2.1 million per year.
  • Agencies reimburse many other employees for personal vehicle mileage in excess of the amount needed to acquire, operate, and maintain a state vehicle.  The state could save $313,000 annually by financing the purchase of vehicles for most of these employees, with additional money received when the state disposes of these vehicles.

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