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Responsibilities Not Fulfilled by Occupational Access and Opportunity Commission; Program Performance Declines, Report No. 02-06, January 2002
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  • Administrative costs are estimated to have increased since the Occupational Access and Opportunity Commission has been established, due to higher indirect costs assessed by the Department of Education.
  • The commission has not effectively planned or implemented its efforts to privatize program services.  It has provided large start-up grants to new providers with little documentation, and it has not developed adequate oversight mechanisms.  As a result, program costs have substantially increased while program outcomes have declined.  The federal government has expressed concerns about the commission’s privatization efforts, and it has classified the state as a high-risk grantee, which could jeopardize up to $100 million in federal funds.
  • We believe that it would not be sound public policy to continue the commission in its present form, and recommend that the commission be eliminated and the Department of Education be given primary responsibility for managing the vocational rehabilitation program.

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