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Concerns Over Enterprise Florida's Performance, Services to Distressed Areas Point to a Need to Consider Several Alternatives for Its Future Role, Report No. 01-62, December 2001
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  • Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI), has met its established performance standards.  However, its effect on overall job creation in Florida needs to be interpreted with caution.  There is no strong, direct link between EFI’s economic development activities and its contribution to the creation of and retention of jobs in Florida.  Further, EFI does not have clearly defined criteria for determining when its involvement with a project justifies it counting the project’s jobs in its performance data.
  • EFI is generally performing well in helping Florida businesses export their products and services.  It has also implemented some strategies to assist economic development efforts in Florida’s urban and rural distressed areas.  However, many of the jobs EFI reports helping to create and retain in urban distressed areas may not result from its specific strategies and activities targeted to these areas.  EFI is also not providing certain types of services needed by some rural economic development organizations.
  • The Legislature may want to consider several options regarding the future role of EFI: continuing it as presently designed, but improving its performance measures; creating a separate entity to coordinate and assist rural and urban distressed economic development organizations; and fully privatize state economic development activities presently performed by EFI.

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